Pass unspecified assigns Map to LiveComponent with LiveView 0.17.2

I updated a project to the latest Phoenix LiveView 0.17.2 and can’t figure out how to pass assigns to a LiveComponent. I guess I need some kind of “spread operator” here, but don’t know the proper syntax.

Previous code:

<%= live_component @socket, Web.MyModule, Map.merge(assigns, %{id: "my-component-id"}) %>

My attempts:

# Sets an `assigns` assign on the `assigns` of the LiveComponent (got it? :D)
# So, in the LiveComponent I have now `assigns.assigns.my_var` instead of 
# having @my_var or assigns.my_var
<.live_component module={Web.AddressChangeLive.ChangeComponent}, id="change-component", assigns />

# In this case, `module` and `id` are `nil`
<.live_component Map.merge(assigns, %{module={Web.AddressChangeLive.ChangeComponent}, id="change-component"}) />

Could you hep me further, please?

You have to remove the , in your <.live_component /> tag (just like in normal html) and you can give the assigns as last argument, e.g.:

<.live_component module={Web.AddressChangeLive.ChangeComponent} id="change-component" {assigns} />

Edit: Take a look at Cost of stateful components in the documentation


you should try something like :

<.live_component module={Web.MyModule} id="your_id" {assigns} />

But generally, you should pass to your components only the data it uses (not all the assigns map)
Also note that the commas are removed (normal HTML attributes)



Ah yes! The comma was the problem! I’d like to accept both answers but since I can select only one I will choose the earliest :man_shrugging:t2: Thank you both though!

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Then I won’t edit my post to add a link to the documentation next time. :joy:

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Nooo! I was confused since your post was at the top, but the timestamp was later and I was on the phone and just thought maybe it’s a problem with a spotty connection :man_shrugging:t2:I accepted your answer now :hugs: