Passing Json Array of items on post/put, not parsed as array but as an object with keys "items.0", "items.1", etc

Hi! Thanks in advance for the help!

Have a Phoenix API endpoint with a NextJS frontend that accepts an array of items on post/put. Can’t exactly figure out where the problem is but it’s sent as a Json array from the frontend by parsed as an object in Phoenix. Not sure if this is a parsing error or default decoder behavior.

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

Hmm, it’d be helpful to see some code from the controller handling that endpoint.

Does the request specify the format? Otherwise Phoenix assumes that the format is html which could be problematic.
see: Phoenix.Controller functions accepts/2 & put_format/2

Show us an example of client payload and what gets parsed in Elixir – plus the route and relevant parts the controller function, ideally – and we should be able to help.