Passwordless authentication using Pow in Phoenix

Hello! I’m building a GraphQL api using Absinthe; and I’ve been using Pow library for authentication by following this docs - How to use Pow in an API — Pow v1.0.26

My question is, how to allow user to signup/signin WITHOUT a password. I would send a magic link(to email) and an OTP code via SMS(in case of mobile/smart phone) for authentication.

Anyone came across this scenario in the past, where you need to send magic link and SMS for authentication using Pow lib? If yes, how did you solved this situation?

Thanks a ton!


Hi @danschultzer how do I configure Pow.Store.Backend.MnesiaCache :ttl to 10 minutes… I looked at the source code, but I still couldn’t figure it out. I would be grateful if you could help :smiley:

Previously I was using Redix on reading the docs - Redis cache store backend — Pow v1.0.26, but now after reading one of your comments on this forum, I changed my mind to store tokens in Mnesia cache for disk persistence


figured the solution to my issue, posting the solution here … hope it helps anyone who are in similar state
CredentialsCache.delete(store_config |> Keyword.put(:ttl, :timer.minutes(10)), metadata[:access_token])