Pdf of the documentation

Hi guys,

I am curious about this language and would like to read its documentation (with the guides I find clear and concise) offline on my E-Ink device. I kind of have only XX hours a day I can spend on a LCD device, and I mostly use these hours at work.
I need it to be in pdf. Do you know where I can find/generate it for the new 1.8 release ?

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Clone Elixir and run this:

make docs DOCS_FORMAT=epub

Then open up doc/ to find the docs in .epub format.


What do you think of adding the generated .epub files to Docs.zip in the Github release assets?


I believe we did that and there were concerns with the file sizes or something of sorts. I can’t recall.


Thank you !
For the guides in EPUB format, I found the direct download links here (scroll just a bit).
Or you can build them from the website repo

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