Persistent file system in Gigalixir or Alternatives to it

Hi. I am deploying an Phoenix app and after a git push I realize that my priv/ dir is wiped out along with the rest of the contents of the app. Is there a way to circumvent this, or any other free provider. It is for an app for that will contribute to the betterment of Elixir and OTP.

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– eksperimental

If you’re talking about uploads, you’ll want to host the files on something like AWS S3 free tier. Gigalixir, Heroku, etc will do a regular cleanup which deletes the files.

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The app is downloading the shallow Git repositories of Elixir and OTP (this last one is quite big, around 265Mb) so I think they need to be in the same server as the app, since they regularly need to be updated.

Well, you can use droplets on DigitalOcean. You get $100 credits to use and it’s very easy to set up. When I need something with a persistent disk, I usually choose DigitalOcean :icon_cool:


Personally a big fan of, who allow you to mount persistent volumes as well.