Personal projects ideas

Any good ideas for a personal project to learn the basics of phoenix and liveview. I have no itch to scratch per se, nothing in my life is in want of a webapp. This is purely to make a living one day if this ever becomes popular.

Try to build a personal finances management app. I think with it, you will be able to apply must of the basics of phoenix and liveview.

You can always create a blog, I know it’s beating the dead horse but you can make it more interesting. You can start with the basics, making all LiveView can be interesting as you can play with PubSub to add real time updates to pages (like the posts lists when adding / updating a new post).
Building an admin for the blog in LiveView will have you play with Authentication. You can add a rich editor for writing / editing the posts which will make you play most certainly play with JS Hooks and external JS libraries.
Want o make it more interesting? Create a simple analytics module and create a stats page to show posts visualizations, etc. :slight_smile:

Then there is images uploads and if you want adding image pre-processing / optimization, SEO, etc.

Even though a Blog can be a 15 minutes thing it can also be a very extensive development endeavor if you want to make it a polished project.

Another idea, an application that deals with GIS Data using Postgresql and PostGIS, maping something that interests you. :slight_smile:

For me projects with data ingestion and display from other sources are interesting, as you don’t have to think how to generate data yourself. There are a lot of cool ideas where you can download a lot of data for free. Some ideas I had for some time:

  • IGDB - you can try to make a clone of their games list, or you can spin something of your own, like some graphs on most played games;
  • OpenCelliD or OpenWeatherMap - if you’ve never played with maps technology like postgis, maplibre, you will find it very interesting displaying your own things on the map, you can even spice it up with something realtime via websockets;
  • Membrane - this is an amazing technology, want to try it myself someday. You can try to clone a part of functionality of youtube videos, should be a very interesting experience!
  • SprintInitializr - This is a great tool to generate an initial project for spring, and it would be an immense advancement in phoenix community if you could make something like this for phoenix and liveview, as currently a lot of people struggle with the default generator that is installed by hex, as there are still breaking changes in liveview. You could even mix it up with the generators provided by phoenix like gen.auth to offer truly a centralized experience for generating a initial project without any hassle.