Pet Project Showcase Thread

I’m sure everyone of you has one or more pet projects?
Maybe a hobby site, or something created just for learning, or…
But you feel it’s too small for starting an own thread? Then post it here :slight_smile:
I think even the smallest projects can be interesting, so please tell me what and why you did, and what you learned while doing it :+1:

I’m starting by example:
Some years ago I started homebrewing, mainly mead (honeywine), but also some beer. Before brewing, one needs to know the amount of ingrediences, which I usually calculated in an excel sheet.
But as I really wanted to try Phoenix LiveView, I made a small online calculator which features live update of the result and input validation. Also it was the first time i did i18n with Gettext.

I’ts online here:


In my first Phoenix learning days I’ve built Lamparole, a tachistoscope for Italian words (a tachistoscope is an instrument used for exposing objects to the eye for a very brief measured period of time). The user choose the difficulty level by selecting word’s length, syllabic composition, the exposition time and interval between the words. Then a given number of random words for the selected settings are displayed sequentially, picked randomly from a self curated db of about 5000 words.
I did this as a working tool for Italian logopedists (my sister is one of them).

(I’ve been amused to see this word, while taking screenshots… so I decided to show that too :slight_smile: )

This was well before LiveView, so the words-exposition view is produced just with basic client-side JS. It could be a nice exercise to integrate LiveView in it. Thank you for letting me remind about it!

P.S. Lamparole is online here:


@Rainer I like this thread :+1:t5:


Isn’t that something you could extend and then offer as a paid service to other logopedists? :smiley:

Well, yes it is a possibility I thought about. The project at the beginning started as an iPad app with a more game-oriented interface and some nice graphics for childrens. It can work offline and track different users progresses.
After some times, my sister argued it could be useful to have just the bare tachistoscope, no gaming involved, with the complet data-set, on a web interface, and I was beginning to learn Elixir and Phoenix… So this little toy came out. Indeed today I could think about building a multitenant/multiuser applications with some form of subscription fee offering specific features for professional use. But time and other payed projects (and some lazyness) have prevented any effort in that direction. Thank you for the encouragement!

Oh i know that too well…
My private projects are mainly written in train while going to work :smiley:

My pet project is roastidious
It is a place anyone can post random comment (roast) about any URL semi-anonymously. You can also use it as a commenting platform for your static blog. Better privacy and less annoying than disqus for sure.

It is done in plain phoenix; I am not using live view or any real time features for now.

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My pet project is a simple tool that aggregates my work activities from different sources and allows to query them.

For privacy reasons all data is being queried on the demand and nothing is stored.
Supported data sources include GitHub, Todoist and Trello at the moment.


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Looks really cool!