PeterAndCode: YouTube tutorials about all things Elixir

For 2021, I decided to start a YouTube channel about coding with Elixir! Hurray!

I learn best by teaching others, which is why I “challenged” myself to starting the YouTube Channel PeterAndCode (super creative name, I know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ). The idea is to collect my experiences and learnings as an Elixir developer and channel them into relatively short (up to 20-25min, but preferably shorter) YouTube videos. This way, I hope to get a better grasp of Elixir topics all while generating (hopefully) useful content for you, my fellow Elixir enthusiasts, and the general software development community :blush:

On that channel, I plan on covering a range of topics like:

  • Elixir libraries that I’m using
  • common coding practices that I’ve learned (like the “Clean Code” principles)
  • software architecture and design learnings (like the Hexagonal/Onion architecture)
  • some general Elixir topics as well (like protocols vs behaviours and ETS tables)

If you have a topic, which you would like to see covered, please post it in this thread and I will take a look at it :blush:

I published my very first video today, which is about encrypting your data with Cloak Ecto, a very useful library which I recently discovered. I hope you like it and would appreciate your feedback very much! :pray:


Thanks for that first video! I am looking forward to the next videos you publish.

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I just published a 2-Part series about the Hexagonal and Onion Architectures and their combination, the Explicit Architecture. Part 1 is an introduction to the architectures and Part 2 shows an implementation of the Explicit Architecture in Elixir. Feedback is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Part 1:
Part 2:


I just published another video which focuses on how to get started when designing the architecture of a new system. It’s not Elixir related though (I’m sorry), but the next videos will be again :slight_smile: I hope you can enjoy it nevertheless.


Just watched the video on Cloak.Ecto. Very helpful and nicely paced. Thanks!


I’m glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month I “hacked” a Phoenix LiveView app by “decoding the HTML code” and editing web socket messages with Burp Suite. Don’t trust anything your LV receives.


wow another gem, should’ve watch this sooner

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Thanks so much :slight_smile: