PeterAndCode: YouTube tutorials about all things Elixir

For 2021, I decided to start a YouTube channel about coding with Elixir! Hurray!

I learn best by teaching others, which is why I “challenged” myself to starting the YouTube Channel PeterAndCode (super creative name, I know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ). The idea is to collect my experiences and learnings as an Elixir developer and channel them into relatively short (up to 20-25min, but preferably shorter) YouTube videos. This way, I hope to get a better grasp of Elixir topics all while generating (hopefully) useful content for you, my fellow Elixir enthusiasts, and the general software development community :blush:

On that channel, I plan on covering a range of topics like:

  • Elixir libraries that I’m using
  • common coding practices that I’ve learned (like the “Clean Code” principles)
  • software architecture and design learnings (like the Hexagonal/Onion architecture)
  • some general Elixir topics as well (like protocols vs behaviours and ETS tables)

If you have a topic, which you would like to see covered, please post it in this thread and I will take a look at it :blush:

I published my very first video today, which is about encrypting your data with Cloak Ecto, a very useful library which I recently discovered. I hope you like it and would appreciate your feedback very much! :pray:


Thanks for that first video! I am looking forward to the next videos you publish.

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I just published a 2-Part series about the Hexagonal and Onion Architectures and their combination, the Explicit Architecture. Part 1 is an introduction to the architectures and Part 2 shows an implementation of the Explicit Architecture in Elixir. Feedback is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Part 1:
Part 2:


I just published another video which focuses on how to get started when designing the architecture of a new system. It’s not Elixir related though (I’m sorry), but the next videos will be again :slight_smile: I hope you can enjoy it nevertheless.


Just watched the video on Cloak.Ecto. Very helpful and nicely paced. Thanks!


I’m glad you liked it! :slight_smile:

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month I “hacked” a Phoenix LiveView app by “decoding the HTML code” and editing web socket messages with Burp Suite. Don’t trust anything your LV receives.


wow another gem, should’ve watch this sooner

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Thanks so much :slight_smile:

I just watched your videos about Hexagonal, Onion and Explicit Architecture.
Great content, thanks a lot for sharing it!

Design patterns and architecture is one of the things I need to improve and you sure helped me.

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@PJUllrich I just watched the part 2 of the Explicit Architecture video.

I really liked that you have an app.ex module where you define macros with uses, imports and aliases for each of your application layers.

But one thing that I’m in doubt, is that it looks to me that your domain models just do some validations that changesets do better. I also didn’t understand why you barely use changesets, since they are a very powerful tool of Elixir in my opinion. Do you mind commenting on those questions?