Phoenix 1.4: will it be easy to migrate from 1.3? Or just use 1.4 RC right now?

This is a pretty generic question but since I am bootstrapping a few projects lately, I am very interested how safe it is to just use the GitHub master right now vs. using 1.3 and going through migratory activities when 1.4 is officially out.

I am guessing the change that would case the biggest friction is going to be no longer using brunch and instead using webpack? I admit I haven’t been following events lately at all, can somebody summarize it to me on what can I expect?

EDIT: I found this helpful comment in this thread: When is Phoenix 1.4 going to be released?
…and was wondering if anybody can share their positive or negative experiences here?

I’ve been using 1.4 for new projects since it was made available to get easier access to webpack. I’ve not had any issues other than a bit of a learning curve trying to remember to use Routes on all my whatever_path calls.


Thanks. Marked yours as the answer.

Additionally, Phoenix 1.4.0-rc0 just got released so my question became kind of irrelevant. :smiley:

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