Phoenix 1.6 Destroys Peak Technical Debt

I am interested to know how many Elixir Phoenix product teams are looking at migrating to Phoenix 1.6 vs upgrading to Phoenix 1.6.

Personally, for my hobby project, I am looking at migrating. i.e. starting a Phoenix 1.6 project and rebuilding existing functionality into the new paradigms.

I am also getting ready to migrate a couple of projects to 1.6

Where did you get that awesome phoenix image?

migrate or upgrade?

Image credit: Phoenix mascot vector illustration by satireartwork on Envato Elements

“migrate or update”? I still don’t know.

What’s the reasoning behind “Use subdomains for sites, not umbrella apps” and “Get away from Umbrella projects”? Umbrella does not fit your particular use case, or Phoenix apps in general, or are they otherwise a flawed idea?

Never done any umbrella apps, so honest question.

Hello and welcome,

Umbrella projects are useful when You want a clear separation between applications. Each having it’s own Repo.

You can always do with packages, but umbrellas do shine for DDD, for example…

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Thanks! Yes, I’m (on paper) familiar with the concept but was just wondering why @niccolox was specifically stating that he wants to get rid of them?

@anttti I was using umbrella apps for a multisite setup and it created complexity for deployments and slowed down compile time in local development. It also created maintenance overhead.

I realized umbrella apps for my product were overkill.

Umbrella apps work great, it just wasn’t required for my project. All my logic can be happily contained in a single app.

Maybe I am being too minimalist, but after maintaining an umbrella app for a few years, I am right now enjoying the simplicity. If I need to, I think I can create an umbrella.


Well, I am off to the races with the Migration to Phoenix 1.6.

Accounts and Users

Snowflake ID for Users

Totally happy I took the plunge and went for the migrate path. :tada:

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