Phoenix 1.6 + user authentication + working email confirmation -- I need to write a tutorial!

I think this is a basic use case that almost everyone working with Phoenix 1.6 will have.

The idea is to allow users to create accounts and to have them click on a link sent to their email address to verify their email as part of creating their account.

I can’t seem to find a simple tutorial that walks me through setting this up, so I guess I’m going to have to write one myself.

The first order of business for me is to get a completely basic Phoenix 1.6 app working with the standard authentication system added from mix phx.gen.auth — Phoenix v1.6.0-rc.0 – this is dead simple and already accomplished.

The second order of business is for me to get the email confirmation system working using SendGrid, or any other email service.

The third order of business is for me to:

  1. post the working example here
  2. show it deployed and functioning on using their free tier
  3. explain a couple steps in the README and write a 500-word tutorial that I can put on my blog.

I will appreciate assistance.


I am available for a couple of days. If you are willing, we can sit and hack together. :slight_smile:



I wonder if this tutorial already covers the topics you describe.
It is based on Phoenix 1.5.4, not 1.6 though.

Thanks, that is in fact super helpful. I’ve decided to add this blog post as my contribution to the discussion: How to get verification emails for user registration working in a Phoenix 1.6 web application, using SendGrid - by Jon Crowell - Literate Labs


Ooh, nice, worked for me