Phoenix 1.7.0-rc.0 is out!

:raised_hand: Me! Tailwind was a game changer for me. Would love to learn more about it.


Fantastic news - I’ve been waiting for this to start a new project.

I did find a typo in the docs - in Request Lifecycle > A new view:

   embed_templates "hello/*"

should be

 embed_templates "hello_html/*"

Happy to raise a “issue” but wasn’t sure where.


Noted! I’ll add this to the moduledoc of Bandit.PhoenixAdapter and link off the README / top-level ex_doc.

Also noted, and will change in the next release of Bandit (this default only applied to PhoenixAdapter; Bandit itself defaults to

This is coming in the 0.7 release train later this year!

Thanks for the feedback!


Issues have been resolved in Bandit 0.6.0, just released a moment ago.


Is anyone else having problems with a dead view web page not automatically reloading. I can see my changes being recompiled but the browser doesn’t automatically get refreshed.

Tried it with a Live View and it works fine - just seems to be a problem with views from a controller.

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In case updated your Mac and Phoenix, I faced the same issue:

Try: mix deps.compile file_system (So your live reload will work!)

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Thankd for the tip @derpycoder but that didn’t work. I suspect it is something to do with 1.7 itself as an older app I have works fine. Not sure if anyone else is getting this issue.

Live reload seems to be working for me with dead views.

I had to update live reload patterns in, like this

config :seven, SevenWeb.Endpoint,
  live_reload: [
    patterns: [
      # ~r"lib/seven_web/templates/.*(eex)$"
      # HERE -->

You might not need to do this if You update an older project to 1.7


upgrading to 1.7.0-rc.0, updated most of the stuff hopefully this is the only error left
undefined function text_input/3

got this in my live_view.html.heex

  <.form :let={f} for={:filter} action="#" phx-change="filter" phx-submit="ignore">
    <%= text_input(f, :term,
      class: "form-control form-control-lg mb-3 col",
      phx_debounce: 100,
      placeholder: "Incoming Message Filter",
      value: @term
    ) %>

in phoenix 1.6.14 I had import Phoenix.LiveView.Helpers in view_helpers which is now html_helpers. I have added it there but seems it doesn’t work. Is there any change needed for live view ?

Thanks @kokolegorille. I tweaked my list of patterns and added:


and that did the trick. Cheers for the help.


@kokolegorille @shortlyportly

Thanks a lot was having the exact same problem on a fresh new project with no changes (modifying home.html.heex wasn’t updating the browser).

I thought it was because of some extension but even disabling all extensions wasn’t working.

I added the first line only of you snippet and it works.

Maybe it should be enabled by default in a new project?

I would say the first pattern match heex already ?!

Yes it seems to. At least it works with only the first line if I modify a .heex file.

But should this line be added to a default project? I think it should be?

It is probably a good candidate for a PR…

This should cover that:


Hum my dev.exs doesn’t seem to be the same. I have a (live/views)/.(.ex) line and a templates/.(.eex) line

There was already a PR, it has been approved and will be in the next release, I guess

Oh yes sorry didn’t check the GitHub link it was merged 7 days ago. Perfect :+1:

How to generate url query string with verfified routes? Somehow it is keeps complaining about stuff like this:

query_string = [
    context: "resume_onboarding",
    user_return_to: ~p"/onboarding/#{session}/#{highest_valid_step}"

   |> push_redirect(to: ~p"/users/login?#{query_string}")}
	"owner": "_generated_diagnostic_collection_name_#0",
	"severity": 8,
	"message": "(ArgumentError) expected query string param to be compile-time map or keyword list, got: \"/users/login?#{query_string}\"\n\nStacktrace:\n  │ (phoenix 1.7.0-rc.0) lib/phoenix/verified_routes.ex:625: Phoenix.VerifiedRoutes.raise_invalid_query/1\n  │ (phoenix 1.7.0-rc.0) lib/phoenix/verified_routes.ex:548: Phoenix.VerifiedRoutes.verify_segment/3\n  │ (phoenix 1.7.0-rc.0) lib/phoenix/verified_routes.ex:714: Phoenix.VerifiedRoutes.rewrite_path/4\n  │ (phoenix 1.7.0-rc.0) lib/phoenix/verified_routes.ex:700: Phoenix.VerifiedRoutes.build_route/5\n  │ (phoenix 1.7.0-rc.0) expanding macro: Phoenix.VerifiedRoutes.sigil_p/2\n  │ lib/myapp_web/live/onboarding/new.ex:51: MyAppWeb.OnboardingLive.New.mount/3\n  │ (elixir 1.14.1) expanding macro: Kernel.|>/2\n  │ lib/myapp_web/live/onboarding/new.ex:51: MyAppWeb.OnboardingLive.New.mount/3",
	"source": "Elixir",
	"startLineNumber": 1,
	"startColumn": 1,
	"endLineNumber": 1,
	"endColumn": 1