Phoenix 1.7 and LiveView 0.18 ETA?

Hello everyone.

Is there any eta (even approximative : a few weeks, or more like months?) for phoenix 1.7 and live view 0.18? And will they be out at the same time?

I have a project I need to start but i can wait a little bit to use the new versions depending on the wait time.


I guess for LiveView 0.18.0 it is a matter of weeks now, but I don’t think in general it is a good idea to condition your project to a hypothetical library release.

You should start now, and if the library gets indeed released in a few weeks, then migration won’t be painful.

Generally, the practice with Phoenix is It gets released when it is ready. Working against deadlines is not the opensource philosophy - and - @josevalim and @chrismccord embrace that fully.
Having said that, the pace at which the commits are being done in both phoenix and liveview - add to that the if you create a new app with the present master branch it creates a broken application - I am reasonably confident that we are <2 weeks for the release of both. Because of the many breaking changes that that are there - I have a feeling that both will be released simultaneously or very close together. LiveView 0.18 first and then Phoenix 1.7.
Though the above is my estimate - @cblavier might be privy to more information - because soon his work storybook will be absorbed in core. So if he says a few weeks - it is few weeks. :slight_smile:
Further as @cblavier suggested - never good to plan a project on a hypothetical release date.


Thanks for your answers.

I’m aware of the ‘release it when ready’ philosophy and I totally agree. That’s why I asked for an approximation.

I’m really not in a rush to start the project so I prefer to wait a few weeks and start fresh with both new versions that’s why I was curious about it.

Fwiw, and I don’t necessarily recommend it, I just switched a relatively new Phoenix project to Phoenix/LiveView dev and it took less than an hour to get things working. You can look at the installer directory to see how the new app_web etc. is generated to integrate verified routes. And you can look through source code to find the latest docs — docs being first class in Elixir means their updated as things change as opposed to post hoc :).

To clarify, this doesn’t get you everything that’s coming since some of it is still in branch(es) off of master.

Thanks a lot @chrismccord. I know you have burnt a few midnight candles to keep my word. (You did burn the candles. For keeping my word is the joke. :slight_smile: )
phoenix_live_view/ at master · phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view ( LiveView 0.18 is released. I am sure Phoenix 1.7 is round the corner.
It is a major release and I am eagerly waiting for it.


For some guidance, there is also which shows a diff between the output of run against different versions. It’s not exactly an upgrade guide, but it can help spot changes between versions.

AFAIK you can run it locally too, which is probably required to diff a pre-release version.