Phoenix 1.7 Resources for Beginners


I am new to elixir and want to start learning Phoenix from the latest 1.7 version as I have heard it has major changes from previous versions of the framework. I am looking for recommendations on good material so that I can start learning this framework from the start.

Unfortunately I am having a hard time finding updated material for beginners. I recently came across a Pragmatic course namely “Phoenix Live View” (link “Phoenix LiveView Free Course | The Pragmatic Studio”). As such I have purchased this course. However I found out that although it says in the description of the course that it is completely updated for Phoenix 1.7 and LiveView 0.20, when I look over the contents it seems to only cover Liveview and not Phoenix. I am still having trouble finding good material for Phoenix 1.7.

I wanted to learn about LiveView eventually as well so I do not mind having purchased this course but I still need help finding good material for Phoenix 1.7.

Are the official phoenix docs (link: Overview — Phoenix v1.7.10) the only material currently available?

I am keen to dive deeply into this language and Phoenix, as such I would greatly appreciate some help in finding good material. Please note I learn best using video tutorials.

I wanted to ask this question in the Phoenix Forums but unfortunately I am not allowed to post in those forums yet.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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