Phoenix and redirecting after POST

When redirecting after a POST to the GET representation of the resource it’s recommended to use the 303 status code (see here).

And while I can not speak about other HTTP clients, this best practice is being “enforced” by hackney (and by extension a number of Elixir HTTP clients), who only follows 303 redirects after a POST when setting folow_redirect: true.

Since the Phoenix generators favour the “redirect after POST” pattern I’ve wondered if Phoenix should respect this best practice. As of right now the generated code will redirect with a 302 after POST, which will not work when trying to follow redirects with hackney (which is how I came across all this).

As I see it there are two options:

  1. the generators include put_status(303) before the redirect in create and update
  2. redirect/2 looks at the request and sets 303 instead of 302 for POST and PUT requests (most likely no, because this would lose the body of “real” POST to POST redirects)

I would be happy to provide a PR for either solution, but I wanted the communities input on the matter.

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I think this is a good idea.