Phoenix app basic

Hi guys,
I am beginner in Elixir but so far I like it a lot.

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Welcome @avatar to a Elixir & Phoenix world!

Here you have some example resources that could help you:

  1. Elixir
    Official Page - you can find there guides and learning resources
    Elixir School - lessons about the Elixir programming language translated for lots of languages
    Documentation - describes Elixir standard modules and methods
    Plataformatec - this page have lots of really interesting articles about Elixir
  2. Ecto & Phoenix
    Official Page - you can find there guides and learning resources
    Ecto Documentation - describes Ecto modules and methods
    Phoenix Documentation - describes Phoenix modules and methods
  3. Forum
    Education Materials - You can find there books, helpful tips and much, much more …
    How to? - Use this for when you want to ask how to get something done.
    Troubleshooting - Use this when you’re experiencing errors or exceptions and you need help in troubleshooting the issue.
    Phoenix Questions - for all your Phoenix questions
    General Questions - Use this for all other questions.

Please be sure to read them carefully. You do not need to hurry. We will be always here to help you and other developers. :slight_smile:

Important: On this forum we have also some categories to chat. Here is Phoenix Chat. I think that this topic should be moved there, because you don’t asked a question looking for answer.


Thank you @Eiji for all helpful information :slight_smile: