Phoenix application not picking up environment variable changes


I am new to the Elixir and Pheonix world. I have been building an app to learn and so far it has been awesome and having lots of fun. One thing that I have come up against that I can not figure out is related to environment variables. I have a .env file that I source before I start phx.server. It has been working great until I change some of the values today. I am setting them in my config.ex like so:

config :days, paypal_host: System.get_env("PAYPAL_HOST")

and then calling it in my module like so:

@host Application.get_env(:days, :paypal_host)

I am sure it is my lack of understanding how the pheonix app is built but when I change the PAYPAL_HOST environment var I need to either remove the _build folder or make a change to my module for the change to be picked up.

Is this the normal process? Hopefully this makes sense and I can answer any questions.

Thank you and thank you for this community!

config.exs is compile time configuration. for runtime configuration, you need to use runtime.exs introduced in elixir 1.11


Ah! Ok - duh :man_facepalming: I am still getting used to the compile vs runtime stuff. I have been a Ruby developer for the past 14 years. Thank you so much! Just made some changes and it is working perfectly.

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Additionally module attributes also are compile time (calling Application.get_env/2 in compile time is deprecated in favour of Application.compile_env/2).

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