Phoenix as a Serverless replacement?

This ElixirConf talk blew my mind. Wanted to learn more and see if anyone else have had experiences like this? How does free tier scaling compare to azure / aws free tier? How many requests a month could it roughly handle assuming 1kb in and 1kb out, 2 seconds for each req?

Personally I’m a big serverless fan. I use Azure functions extensively at work for event driven webhook handling. Cold starts are not a big deal for our usecase but I understand its limitations for flows involving waiting users.

For Phoenix to hit feature parody imo it would need a mix generator for quick endpoint setup. The mix task would also need options for token auth via url query or body params. Bad or missing tokens return 403.

$ mix phx.gen.serverless -name your_serverless_func -auth url_query
would generate https://localhost/your_serverless_func?token=123 endpoint plus all the router / controller setup etc. All thats left to do is handle the plug from the controller and return response.

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