Phoenix-based Mastodon server?

An article in WIRED says “Twitter Users Have Caused a Mastodon Meltdown”, indicating that Fosstodon (at least) is melting down under the strain of supporting an influx of disaffected Tweeple. I wonder if this might offer a newsworthy adoption opportunity for Phoenix.

According to Wikipedia, Mastodon’s “server-side technology is powered by Ruby on Rails and Node.js, and its front end is written in React.js and Redux”. Anyone want to write a Phoenix-based Mastodon server? (ducks)


6 Likes is a phoenix-based, mastodon compatible server

Free and open communication for everyone. Pleroma is social networking software compatible with other Fediverse software such as Misskey, Pixelfed, Mastodon and many others.


Thanks, Chris (blush). FWIW, although Wikipedia’s Fediverse page has a link for Pleroma, there’s no page for it as yet…


There’s also which uses Phoenix/LiveView/Surface…