Phoenix Blog Post: How I Built a Mostly Feature-Complete MVP in 3 Months Whilst Working Full-Time

Hi folks, I wrote a blog post the other day on how I built my MVP in 3 months whilst having a day job, using Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView.

The post itself doesn’t focus on Elixir specifically, but I thought I’d share here in case people are interested to see what Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView can do for a quick MVP. :slight_smile:


Very informative article, read it in one go and loved the entirety of it.

Shame that the OSS search solutions don’t support Chinese characters well. I’d think that having Unicode being first class in Rust (Meilisearch is written in it) would obviate or outright eliminate those issues but apparently not. Shame.

Also good nugget about Bunny CDN though I’d think this is very region-dependent. I thought of trying them out at one point and I will, and it’s good to know that maybe they need to work on their stuff a bit more – we’ll see.

Curious why didn’t you entertain the idea of other Elixir hosting e.g. or

I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

I actually did. I forgot to mention in the article, but I even tried Railway after I encountered issues with Fly. Ultimately it’s Fly’s globally distributed architecture + their more affordable pricing that won me over, despite their flakiness.

I have to admit that “paying separately for each regional copy of the service” and “affordable pricing” don’t immediately combine in my mind. :thinking: Gotta review Fly’s pricing then.

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Well, running in multiple regions is optional. For my setup, my monthly bill will be ~$20, can’t really get that from elsewhere with a similar setup I don’t think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s why articles like yours are valuable – naively I’d think I can get away even with less in other providers. Good to know I am wrong. :slight_smile: So thanks again.


Encoding is not the problem. Tokenizing is the biggest problem. You know Chinese words are not space separated. So, one would need to use a lot of heuristics to break text into words.

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Ah, I see. Lack of library coverage then.