Phoenix Blog Post: Roll Your Own Blog in Elixir and Phoenix

Does the world need another How to create a blog article?

Maybe not.

But then again, creating something out of nothing is what we love.

Follow the creation of my product’s blog using the same Elixir and Phoenix tooling, mixed with a big scoop of Markdown and good ole fashion Vim.

And, remember, it is a discussion, so feel free to join the conversation.


Rolling your own also means that a lot of things people take for granted would have do be done again. Opengraph metas, discoverable RSS feed, etc.


Derek, that is part of the fun. I cover how to inject the OG tags when rendering the article. With regards to RSS, it is not a breaking deal for me at the moment. The freedom I get authoring and publishing articles in the same manner that I code makes all the difference for me. With that said, not everyone will share that view which is welcomed.

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Adding OG tags shouldn’t be too much of an issue… and not everyone wants or needs an RSS feed, esp if the blog is used just to post company news etc :smiley:

Thanks for the write-up @ragamuf :023:

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Don’t get me wrong, I wrote my own SSG too (ok, just a few old crufty perl scripts I threw together years ago, but still)

I only want to say that if your blog had better semantics in the meta data, your blog could be more accessible. For example, you have a tagging system, but the tags was not exposed through the article:tag meta. Compare to the main effort of your blogging system, these things are easy, like one line of code easy, so I was trying to give you a friendly nudge.

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Appreciate it Derek. Will definitely add that change into the mix.