Phoenix Channel - "unmatched topic" error and retries

TLDR: In case of “unmatched topic” error, phoenix.js library continuously retries to rejoin the channel. Shouldn’t the default retry behaviour for “unmatched topic” error - be stop further rejoin attempts or try to join n times?

When a topic does not match any topic defined in channels, server returns the “unmatched topic” error.

[null,“6”,“topic:subtopic”,“phx_reply”,{“response”:{“reason”:“unmatched topic”},“status”:“error”}]

Phoenix 1.5.8 branch

 this.joinPush.receive("error", () => {
      this.state = CHANNEL_STATES.errored
      if(this.socket.isConnected()){ this.rejoinTimer.scheduleTimeout() }

The channel state is set to errored, but in the next line scheduleTimeout() is called which schedules a rejoin on next timeout.

rejoin(timeout = this.timeout){ if(this.isLeaving()){ return }
    this.state = CHANNEL_STATES.joining

Rejoin just clears out error state and results in an endless loop of rejoin in case of “unmatched topic”

  • When channel state is set to error - it is not checked in rejoin function - should it be checked?
  • When a “unmatched topic” happens - default behaviour should be to try n times and stop or infinitely try to connect back to server?

What am I missing in this scenario ?

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just leave the channel after join returned an error

        .receive('ok', (response) => console.log('catching up', response))
        .receive('error', (response) => {
          console.log('failed join', response);
        .receive('timeout', () =>
          console.log('Networking issue. Still waiting...')
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