Phoenix Channels for P2P

Hello everyone,

I have question related to Phoenix Channels for a P2P network.

I have developped a P2P network using raw gen_tcp server (maybe moving to Ranch later).
I’m wondering if Phoenix Channels can be leveraged to support this kind of communication. Mostly with the client phoenix_gen_socket_client …
Do you have any thoughts for this kind of subject ?


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Does not sound like true P2P if everyone is routed through a phoenix server, or maybe every peer is running phoenix as both a client and a server?

This is probably not the best idea…but I presume is theoretically possible. :man_shrugging:t3:

Yes Indeed every Node will run its own Phoenix server/client I’m just wondering the pro/cons of this approach vs a classical TCP endpoint/client

With nerves channels are sometimes used for communication between devices. You can probably find a few examples on that.