Phoenix Channels: Push Event to User Socket Along With One Received Internally?

How do I broadcast to a topic in the UserSocket that happens to have the same name as the one I broadcast internally in the app via broadcast_from()? I also want to update a connected iOS client with the same message. Firstly, I do an Endpoint.broadcast_from() which my live view successfully receives via handle_info:

defp org_feeds_topic(), do: "org_feeds:myapp"


          MyWeb.Endpoint.broadcast_from(self(), org_feeds_topic(), "media_item_update", %{
            media_item: media_item

but I also have this in the UserSocket: channel "org_feeds:*", MyWeb.OrgFeedChannel How do I get OrgFeedChannel to receive and basically re-push that “media_item_update” message? Or is there a better way to do this?