Phoenix CodeReloader configurable?

Is Phoenix CodeReloader configurable beyond on/off and choosing apps?

I see that LiveReload has pattern matching possibilities, but I would like to be able to exclude some paths for code that rarely gets touched.

I have an app with various models/controllers etc that do not get touched, and they get compiled every time I change code on new models/controllers etc

i.e. is there a CodeReloader equivalent to

  live_reload: [
    patterns: [

i.e. something like this?

config :your_app, YourApp.Endpoint,
  reloadable_compilers: [:gettext, :phoenix, :elixir],
  reloadable_apps: [:ui, :backend]

  code_reload: [
    patterns: [
      ~r{^lib/my_app_web/contexts/legacy/.*(ex)$}, # exclude this older stuff rarely changes
      ~r{lib/my_app_web/contexts/new/.*(ex)$} # include this newer stuff often changes

Related question:

The code reloader calls the Mix compiler, which is going to use whatever is in your mix.exs.

Thanks @josevalim, so I could pattern match with regex in mix.exs here?

defp elixirc_paths(_), do: ["lib"]

I will try some regex patterns in mix