Phoenix.CodeReloader doesn't seem to be working in my umbrella app

I’ve got an umbrella app set up, with a sub-app running Phoenix and Absinthe.

Very little has changed about the phoenix configuration, its mostly been left as-is, with the Absinthe app existing under a specific scope and forwarding to Absinthe.
There is another app set up, called Auth, for authentication, authorization, user management, etc.

When I make changes to modules in Auth, or modules related to Absinthe, such as Schema, they are not picked up by Phoenix.CodeReloader.

The API (phoenix) app has a dep set for the Auth app. Configuration is in the Umbrella, with no config in the sub-apps.

Reloading modules via r Modname in IEx works fine, and I can see the changes all the way through, but automatic code reloading doesn’t work.