Phoenix component assign a new value to assigns

i’m developing a basic phoenix component (not liveview). in this component i’m trying to assign a new value to the assigns coming in, and then use that value. this is what i have

defmodule Web.Components.MyComponent do
  use Phoenix.Component


  def action(assigns) do
    assigns = assign(assigns, :result, 100)
    <._my_template  assigns={assigns}/>

Inside _my_template i have the following

This is the result <%= @result %>

However when the code runs i see the following error

# key :result not found in: %{__changed__: nil, assigns: %{__changed__: nil, id: "my_comp1", result: 100}}

looks like the code added the assigns into another assigns. not sure what to do about this.

furthermore i discovered that its with embed_templates that i’m having this issue. if i simply inline the content in my_template then it seems to work fine.

i think i figured it out, in the template i use

<._my_template {assigns}/>

instead of
<._my_template assigns={assigns}/>