Phoenix Deploy best strategies

Hello everyone, I came from a PHP background and one common stack was to use php-fpm + nginx as a reverse proxy, also we used to configure many things such in the nginx config file and in the the php.ini to achieve better performance. Im aware that elixir + phoenix already has a great performance but Id like to know if there is any standard configuration to use so we could get the most of it. If possible Id like to know more about deployment of phoenix and elixir applications using technologies such as kubernetes and docker because Im aware that there is providers like Gigalixer but that`s not an option at the moment the deploy must be done at the existing cluster.

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I have a post about deploying with Docker you might find helpful.


Great post! thanks, helped a lot. Just one last question, those env vars can be changed at “runtime”? for example in php we used to have a .env file and as soon as this file is changed the application changes as well no need to “re-deploy” assuming that there is a env var called "APP_NAME"with the value of “my_app” and at the home page we’re saying something like "hello #{Application.env(“APP_NAME”)"if i wanted to change it to “my_app_2” will I have to re-build the docker image and deploy the new image again?

Here is a post about config with env variables in Elixir:

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