Phoenix docs? (Help a newbie)

“Hello world” :slight_smile:
I’m new on Elixir world, and find it fantastic.
Please can you post the best resources to learn Phoenix quickly, MVC, sockets, templates, perhaps with full examples of real case works?
Thank you very much. Wish you a nice day.

My sugestions are not going to be a very popular but I would highly recommend you to

  • learn the core elixir first
  • then move on to OTP
  • learn about plug
  • look into phoenix source code
  • then start programming phoenix

Why am i saying this? Because I too am new in elixir and spent the last 6 7 mnths just improving my elixir core and OTP. Now I have moved into learning phoenix and i know(some what) how things are moving around.


Off the top of my head (in no particular order):

  • Phoenix Guides
    These guides are found right on the Phoenix Framework website. A great reference covering all the major working parts of Phoenix.

  • ElixirCasts
    Screencasts covering Elixir, Phoenix, OTP and more.

  • Programming Phoenix 1.4
    A book available in hard copy or digital. The book walks you through creating a web application in Phoenix using authentication, plugs and more.

  • Elixir School
    An awesome Elixir reference.

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