Phoenix elixir clean cache


  • Elixir version (1.4.2):
  • Phoenix version (1.3 rc-2):
  • NodeJS version (v7.8.0):
  • NPM version (5.1.0):
  • Operating system: Osx 10.12.5

Expected Behavior

I don’t think there’s a cache specifically for the newest Phoenix 1.3 RC-2; so it could be useful to have it since phoenix is based on elixir-lang!

Feature request

something like that: mix phx.clean_cache

What kind of cache do you wan’t to have cleared?

As with every elixir application, you can simple clear the build cache by whiping build and _deps folder.

For clearing artifacts created by your asset pipeline you have to use the facilities of the pipeline, phoenix does not enforce one.

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