Phoenix exrm release upgrade not working in windows

In my efforts to get UPGRADE working for exrm releases on Microsoft Windows, I noticed that I could not ping the node, even though it was running. So I checked and it was using nonde@nohost.

To solve this, I called these functions from the main application module:

:net_kernel.start([name, :longnames])
:erlang.set_cookie(node(), cookie)

This works (at least it starts the node properly), but its not a proper solution.

I noticed that erlsrv is being passed the node name by the phoenix application release bat file, but it seems that its not being set when the application is actually started.
If anyone knows what is going on, I’ll appreciate your help

I’ve had to do the exact same thing on Windows while using EXRM. I thought it was just something I was messing up, but if someone else is getting the same issue…

I re-posted this in the Elixir Deployment forum:

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