Phoenix for Rails Developers (self-published)

by Elvio Vicosa @elviovicosa elvio

Learning a new framework is hard
As a seasoned Rails developer, you know Rails and its components from the inside-out. This productivity and confidence using Rails didn’t come for free. You invested thousands of hours reading books, blog posts and source code to get to the point you are.

Why should you throw all this knowledge away? You shouldn’t! You can benefit from the knowledge you already have to learn Phoenix.

Phoenix is the future of web development
Ruby on Rails is a great tool and is still in high-demand in the market, but things are changing rapidly. Both Ruby and Rails were not built to deal with the increasing need for developing concurrent and distributed applications.

Phoenix is written in Elixir and runs on the Erlang VM, which has built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance. Phoenix has all the goodies to develop web applications, without compromising speed and maintainability.

Follow a step-by-step application development
There is no better way of learning a new technology, than using it to build a complete project. Phoenix for Rails Developers guides you through the implementation of a full-featured web application.

You’ll develop features that are present in almost every web application, understanding “the Phoenix way” of building things.

Two free chapters:

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