Phoenix Framework Uses

Hello! I am new to the Elixir language and general eco-system and am in general a pretty new dev to everything related to web-dev, I wanted to create a project using Phoenix yet was wondering if Phoenix was back-end only or if it also dealt with front-end UI stuff. This is a very broad question that applies to pretty much every SSR project under the sun but in general what does the MVC outline? Thank you! :smiley:


Phoenix can make sure your project is serving JS files to the browser so it can be used for a big variety of projects, single-page-applications included (though that’s not a good fit for it).

It can also be setup to use various JS builders/runners/transformers like webpack, esbuild and others.

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Phoenix is a real-time web framework that also features leading cutting edge technology like LiveView :003:

There are some hints in that description - real-time (where you can push updates in near enough real time to everyone connected) and LiveView (see vid above) :smiley:

If you’re still not quite sure what all that is, an alternative question might be to summarise what kind of apps you want to build and ask whether Phoenix might be a good fit for you :blush:

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