Phoenix in Action after Elixir in Action?

I’ve reached Chapter 11 titled Working with components in Elixir in Action, and I’m starting to get close to the end of the book. I do have a side project idea lined up involving a card game (and eventually an accompanying chat) to help sink in Elixir, but I think with my web dev background, I’d like to definitely get Phoenix under my wings and eventually add that to my project as a milestone.

Would Phoenix in Action be a good book to move onto after Elixir in Action?

After reading Elixir in Action, I went ahead and built something over the course of a couple months. Now that you got the breadth, I suggest you take the depth-first approach to build your card game first. Save the second book for later.

Building my discord bot in elixir and phoenix forced me to deal with real issues that involved shipping the app live: deployment, logging, error handling, ecto.