Phoenix In Action (Manning)



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Books on the design of web application architecture

So much needed, when will it complete?


On the product site it states “Summer 2018 (estimated)”.


Given 14 chapters/350 pages “Summer 2018” is pretty aggressive - at one chapter a month the projection would be December 2018. These estimated completion dates should be treated as “we would love to have it done bytargets. A polished product will often take longer. But via the “Manning Early Access Program” it’s possible to get the first (sometimes rough) peek at the content (and to perhaps contribute to it’s development or refinement).

Judging by the planned table of contents a large number of the chapters seem to focus on “the application & Ecto persistence” - chapter 3 provides a Phoenix overview but then “Phoenix” itself seems to take backseat until chapter 9.


Just noticed this…

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4 of 14 chapters available


It is unfortunate that the book does not have more chapters… I am not sure if it is still in progress.
as it seems to be stuck on chapter 4.


The MEAP started in December with 2 chapters.

  • Chapter 3 released 2018-Feb-13
  • Chapter 4 released 2018-Mar-30

… I don’t know if that classifies as “stuck”. The impending 1.4 release could make it kind of difficult to judge what content won’t need to change.

The livebook doesn’t scamble the figures or code listings if you want to have a quick look.


With 1.4 looming, and so little content currently available, I’m sorry, but I don’t think this makes a worthwhile buy, discount included.

Maybe 1.4 will be such a change that this book will still be relevant.
Maybe the book’s author(s) will scramble to update.
But as it stands, too little content, that was obsolete on conception (c’mon, in Dec. 2017 the 1.4 roadmap was well known, not to say anticipated)… sorry, no sell.
(And let me tell you, I’ve bought just about every book on Elixir you can think of, including obscure, self-publishing, ones. It takes a lot for me to say “pass” on an Elixir resource…)





12 chapters are now available, 2 are remaining :slight_smile: