Phoenix live dashboard extensions

Hello everyone!
I’m thinking about the extensibility of the phoenix live dashboard

Many projects have their own internal dashboards and it would be nice if the phoenix dashboard could assemble all these pages into itself. All that I think is needed is just an ability to add a custom “tab button” into the dashboard that will somehow call live_render with the required LV module.

What do you think about it?

What kind of data would be expected there? Phoenix LiveDashboard is meant as development utility for simple look into the application. If you want something more complex then I would assume that you will use that in production as well, so then separate project would be better. And if you want to have complex insights in development then maybe it would be better to setup local data gatherer and use more “production-like” dashboarding like Grafana.

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Was looking for something similar and found this awesome article by @hubertlepicki: Adding truly custom page to Phoenix LiveDashboard | AmberBit Sp. z o. o.

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