Phoenix Live View on Nerves

I am wondering if anyone had any luck or trouble getting Phoenix Live View to work in production mode, deployed on a Raspberry Pi inside of Nerves Firmware.

I have a well functioning Phoenix app deploying without problems, but when I go to a route that is set up for live view, the entire layout is missing. The buttons don’t work, nothing renders correctly.

Has anyone come across this issue?

Thanks in advance for any pointers

Hi @psteininger there have been some pretty recent changes to how live layouts work. Take a look through these docs and if you still have trouble post some code from your project so that we can provide more help.


Indeed, this is what tripped me up. I started the project on Version 0.8 and for some reason, the versions in local development did not update, but the version of LV that was wrapped into firmware was.

I cleaned things up and updated the layouts and took out the CSS, then it all worked well.