Phoenix LiveDashboard doesn't render CSS unless refreshed


I am working on a phoenix project where I notice this bug - when the LiveDashboard tab is clicked, the page doesn’t render CSS, rather it renders something like below

But after I hit refresh, it renders CSS.

Any idea why this is happening or suggestions where(which file) this needs to be looked into?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s not the solution, but please provide versions of live_dashboard and phoenix :slight_smile:

Sure, Phoenix: 1.5.9 and Dashboard: 0.4.0

You are using old versions…

And latest Phoenix 1.5.x is 1.5.13

You might also consider switching to 1.6, but it’s a big update :slight_smile:

Thank you @kokolegorille! Do you mind explaining why versioning affects the rendering of CSS here?

It does not explain why…

But as live_view is changing fast, and it would be my preference to see if latest version solve the problem :slight_smile: