Phoenix.LiveDashboard.PageBuilder - can't add a search textbox by design?

Hi, I’m implementing an open-source project which will provide some extra ecto/db diagnostics (useful for large projects, work in progress, will release after a tidy-up).

One part of the functionality is an interface where the user copies and pastes SQL (take from logs, google hosted postgres, wherever) and the application will determine which Ecto queries generated the SQL and where in the codebase those queries are implemented.

So far, so good… Naturally, I didn’t want to implement another dashboard or endpoint, so I though, “I’ll write a plug-in for Phoenix dashboard”…

However, from reading the docs, it seems like this kind of a query interface is restricted by design.

A page can only have the components listed with this page.

We currently support card/1, columns/1, fields_card/1, layered_graph/1, nav_bar/1, row/1, shared_usage_card/1, table/1, and usage_card/1.

Should I implement a standalone interface, or is there another suggested approach?

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