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I think #liveview is going to be a big topic in the foreseeable future, so wondering whether it might be useful to have a dedicated thread for blog posts about it.

If you write or spot a blog post about LiveView please post it here :023:

What is Phoenix LiveView?
Phoenix LiveView Info

Here’s another one from @darinwilson


By @danielberkompas

(LiveView covered at the end)

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It’s here! Phoenix LiveView leverages server-rendered HTML and Phoenix’s native WebSocket tooling so you can build fancy real-time features without all that complicated JavaScript. If you’re sick to death of writing JS (I had a bad day with Redux, don’t ask), then this is the library for you!

Phoenix LiveView is brand brand new so I thought I’d provide a short write-up of a super simple demo I built for anyone looking to get up and running. Keep in mind that the library is still a release candidate and as such, is subject to change.

Phoenix LiveView is now... live!

Elixir Phoenix LiveView with a real world example
There’s been a few examples floating here and there, and Chris added a few useful examples on his Github, but I haven’t seen much real world examples yet. And since I migrated the sandbox on to use it, I felt like it’d be interesting to share a real example!

by @Jauny

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This livestream was quite educational for me. You will see the types of errors you will likely encounter when converting a static page to LiveView and he figures it out right before your eyes.


@smeade made a nice post on his initial impressions of LiveView: