Phoenix LiveView has odd behavior with select tags

I have a form with a select tag which ties to the template_id. If a template_id is selected, I want to update the view to show some additional content. This content changes based on the template_id that was selected.

Now, because the phx-change event is fired whenever a change happens at the form level, the code that is in charge of assigning a template to the socket based on that template_id is run every time a change happens on the form.

This means that after a form is submitted and there is a validation error, the template_id is set to a specific ID. If I then change the select to an option with a nil value, the select tag stays on the option with the template_id from the original request.

Here’s my select_tag:

<%= select f, :template_id,
    [{"Custom", nil}] ++, &{&, &}),
    value: (if @current_template, do:, else: nil)

Here’s a quick gif of the issue. Notice what happens after the validation error message pops up. I attempt to choose “custom” and while the template gets set, the select tag does not update:

The select tag seems to work fine before submitting the form, but once I submit the form, the changeset changes in a way that keeps the select tag from knowing which option to choose on my change event.

I tried replacing the value option from the select tag and setting the selected option instead and it makes matters worse somehow:

Am I doing something wrong with the select tag? The only way I’ve been able to get this to work the way I expect is by updating the changeset every time the form is changed (because the phx-change event doesn’t support binding to specific inputs), but I don’t want to update the changeset every time there is a change, this results in running validations before I want to.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :blush:

I’m not sure if it’s relevant, but there’s specific handling in the implementation of select for when value is nil:

My reading of this code is that when @current_template in your code above is nil, then the value from :template_id will be used instead.

If the validations are inexpensive (validate_required etc) then running them early is harmless - form_for ignores errors on the changeset if there’s no action set.

Thanks for the response! I’ll have to keep tinkering to see if I can come up with a work around. I imagine this has to do with the LiveView being Live since this all works nicely outside of LiveView.

The issue come clear after the form was submitted and the changeset has an action. I’m serializing some data before inserting/updating I don’t want that to happen every time there’s a change on the form. I might end up updating the changeset if there’s no other way.

Thanks again for the response!