Phoenix LiveView in production examples

I have a client who asks for some examples of production sites using LiveView. I can provide couple of examples of apps we built for our clients, but maybe you folks can suggest some publicly available production apps I can share with them?

The apps I can share with them are both behind a login, and there are many examples like that where a piece of back-end was built with LiveView on top of existing app, but I would be interested in seeing something that they can click through not necessarily becoming administrator / paid member of some service. Any examples you know of?


Why not :slight_smile: We have a few apps (all built on LV) which are still WIP, see links below:

  • DentistBook - prevention of patients for my dentist :-), involves CRUD operations…, not working pagination, etc…
  • Chart - just svg chart for our fuelcell app
  • Validatex - per validation of input form, used in DentistBook above,
  • Covidex - an attempt of hook implement with js highcharts

I have one in production, but it’s also behind a paid login. (

As well as some other that are in progress, one that should release next month (that won’t be behind a paid login)


Maybe this one?


The site was being redone with LiveView.
It may be worth inquiring about these companies’ websites too:
Famous Companies Using Elixir,
Elixir Companies in Chicago

My side project Inoffice rely heavily on LiveView on the main page. Unfortunately it’s behind a login but it is free to register and use.

Are you sure about the website? Poking at the homepage source code it looks like a React SPA. On some other pages I’ve found some Angular directives. There’s no websocket connection established either.


Website uses phoenix and liveview for forms. It is based on phoenix developed cms system with seo optimization. It works great!

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Ah darn, you’re right - they were in the process of migrating to LiveView but I guess the new site hasn’t taken over the majority of traffic yet.

Our search UI is all LiveView (behind a free login): Logflare

Also the property page for FlipFinder:

2 Likes is using LiveView. I wouldn’t call it a scaled site that’s getting a ton of load, but it’s definitely in production.


My project Rocket Validator uses LiveView currently in 2 places: summary reports (you need an account for that but there’s a free trial), and the pricing page (for the weekly/monthly/yearly switchers).


I have 2 side projects written with LiveView, both in production (although 1 is still in beta).
Letter to Yourself and KiE DecisionMaker (beta).

2 Likes and both use LiveView.


I have a game for 2 until 4 players, it’s the classic Domino.

The repo is in GitLab

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We’re using it! - it’s powering most of our site.


This is very very good example, and a nice work!

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Thank you!