Phoenix LiveView LiveComponent + Storybook?

I recently ran across and I’m wondering if there’s a good way to use it with Phoenix LiveView LiveComponents.

I don’t have much React experience, but I saw they describe it as also useful for pure HTML.

Is there anybody using this with LiveComponents? Is it still useful/helpful, or is it more for dealing with the issues in javascript-oriented frameworks?


Also interested by this. Storybook seem promising

Storybook is very React-specific. Like, not just JS view-framework specific—React-specific. I don’t see how it could work with LiveComponents. But hey, if you want to take on a challenge and share the results with the rest of us… :slight_smile:

Seems from their website that they support more than a dozen frameworks and toolings. One of them is listed as “HTML” even : )

I think it might not be married to React. Haven’t used it but think it could be a useful thing to look closer at.

Check out :slight_smile:


Also here: Surface - A component-based library for Phoenix LiveView

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Check this out PhxLiveStorybook. It looks cool. Demo here.