Phoenix LiveView: The Big Picture (Pluralsight)

Hey, friends :wave:

I’ve recently published a new Elixir course called Phoenix LiveView: The Big Picture in partnership with Pluralsight.

This course is an introduction to LiveView and is relatively short with only 3 modules. It is meant to explain at a high level why LiveView is amazing, what problems is solves and where it really shines.

The goal is to help people (developers, managers, decision makers) determine whether LiveView fits their needs and whether they should invest more time learning it at a deeper level.

It’s been a while since I launched a course on Elixir (I’m the author of the Code School (RIP) Elixir/Phoenix courses) so I’m super excited with the launch of this new one.

Hope y’all like it!

Course Overview

Why LiveView?
The Challenges of Full Stack Web Development
The Two-sided Architecture
LiveView: How It Works

Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix
What Are They?
The Actor Model of Concurrency
Fault Tolerance
Channels and PubSub

Building With LiveView
Goals and Overview
The Existing Phoenix Application
Rendering a LiveView Page
Demo: Rendering a LiveView Page
LiveView Callback Funtions
Demo: Listing Data
Demo: Adding a LiveComponent
Bindings, Data Attributes and Adding User Events
Adding Real-Time
Demo: Adding Real-Time
Noteworthy Features, When Not to Use, and Wrap Up


Congrats Carlos :tada: I loved CodeSchool so I’m sure this course will be fantastic as well!

It’s great seeing more LiveView courses out there :023:

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For some reason, I was thinking about Rails for Zombies and the other courses yesterday. They where great.


Thank you all for the kind words :smile:

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@caike I’m going through the course, and so far so good - your explanations of concepts such as OTP are clear and to the point :+1:t2:

My problem however is that I’m unable to find the “source files” anywhere for the medical-clinic demo application from module 4. The “download exercise files” from the course dashboard only contains the slide PDF’s, not the project itself. I also tried looking on your github profile through the repositories but couldn’t locate it.

I’m one who likes to code along (even if this is just meant as a short overview) to reach the same end product!

Sidenote: there’s a small typo in the course navigation within module 4, “LiveView Callback Funtions” is meant to say “Functions” I assume :slight_smile:

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Thank you @jongirard :pray: I’ve reached out to the Pluralsight team asking to add the source code for the demo app to the course page as well as to fix the typo. In the meantime, you can access the code on the following Github repo

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