Phoenix LiveView Tutorial (ElixirCasts)

Love LiveView and games?

I’ve published a new tutorial where we build a clone of the popular word guessing game, Wordle with Phoenix LiveView.

The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to leverage the power of Phoenix LiveView to build dynamic, interactive web applications.

Let’s build an application, together!

Dive into the world of real-time web applications with this comprehensive Phoenix LiveView Tutorial.

In this series we’ll build a game using Phoenix LiveView to create our own version of the popular word-guessing game, Wordle.

Perfect for both beginners and experienced Elixir developers, this tutorial provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to leverage the power of Phoenix LiveView for building dynamic, interactive web applications.

  • 13 episodes, totaling 1 hour and 32 minutes!
  • Craft a dynamic, real-time Wordle-clone web application using Phoenix LiveView.
  • Deepen your understanding of Phoenix LiveView’s architecture and capabilities.
  • Acquire valuable Elixir programming skills applicable to a variety of web applications.
  • Create an interactive, user-friendly game!

Episodes in this Phoenix LiveView course

Part 1
In this episode we begin creating our game by generating a new Phoenix LiveView application. Then we’ll set up the database, customize layouts with HEEx and Tailwind CSS, and update the router.

Part 2
This episode details setting up a Wordle-like game in Phoenix LiveView, covering creating two different database tables, populating them with 5-letter words using the WordList and NimbleCSV packages, and configuring routes and LiveView components.

Part 3
In this episode we’ll build a grid for our game. To do that we’ll create a couple different LiveView components to use for the cells, rows, and grid.

Part 4
In this episode we’ll create a keyboard component for our game. Using LiveView LiveComponents, we’ll add a dynamic keyboard to the application, and style it with Tailwind CSS and DaisyUI.

Part 5
In this episode we’ll start implementing our game logic. We’ll manage player guesses using Schemaless Ecto Changesets. Together we’ll walk through creating a module to handle guess validation and a module to encapsulate game logic.

Part 6
In this episode we’ll build the functionality that allows a player to add letters to their guess. We’ll update our LiveView to handle events from the keyboard and use them to update the game grid.

Part 7
In this episode, we update our game to allow players to remove letters from their guesses. This involves updating our KeycapComponent to send events to our LiveView.

Part 8
In this episode we update our game, allowing players to submit their guesses. We’ll build functionality to check if the guess is a valid word, comparing it against the game’s solution, and then updating the game’s state accordingly.

Part 9
In this episode we’ll update our game and add feedback for player guesses. We’ll update our LiveView to handle various guess outcomes. We’ll use flash messages to display the results of each guess.

Part 10
In this episode, we’ll update the guess feedback in our game by implementing custom JavaScript hooks and animations.

Part 11
In this episode, we’ll improve the guess feedback for our game with JavaScript hooks. We’ll focus on updating the background of a guess, to indicate the status of the guess.

Part 12
Similar to our last episode, here we’ll dynamically update the backgrounds of the keycaps on our game keyboard using JavaScript Hooks.

Part 13
We’ll let people play our game as much as they want! In this episode, we’ll refine the game’s flow and user experience by leveraging Phoenix LiveView to start a new game for users.

Price: Included as part of ElixirCasts subscription.


I’ve been on to the ElixirCasts team to consider creating a course for years, so it’s nice to see they’ve finally got around to it! :smiley:

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Better late than never :wink:

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This tutorial is now included with the Alchemist’s Edition subscription and the first episode is free for everyone!