Phoenix LiveView vs NextJS/Astro

I’ve been learning Elixir and Phoenix for some time now and I love it but I also see some interesting things in the JavaScript world with NextJS and Astro. Having a static website with component hydration sounds quite interesting but I’m a beginner in this whole world without much experience but eager to learn so I was wondering if you could share your thoughts, pros and cons of both systems.

Don’t forget Qwik! I thought Astro and Qwik we’re doing things a little different to the others in that you’re not downloading the entire JS before you can do anything? Are you saying Next.js does this too?

I reckon use whatever you enjoy the most.

Well, it depends on what you want to build. I havent used nextJS or Astro but unless you build a static site, you need to have a backend as well. That could be Phoenix or some other technology. Then it starts to get more complex.
With LiveView, you only need to have one app to deploy and only one language to focus on. I would also argue that you get more framework features out of the box.

I know what I would pick.

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