Phoenix messaging platform job in Barcelona

Infomed delivers IT solutions for the Spanish dental market. We have a wide range of products that covers the day to day dental office operations.

Now we are rebuilding our messaging platform (with performance, concurrency and stability in mind) using Elixir and Phoenix, to provide with more value to our customers adding connected services.

Our API is consumed by our own products and 3rd parties.

About us

My name: Jordi Tudela
My position: Project Technical Leader
Company name: Infomed Software
Country: Spain
Company info and history:

About the job

Job title: Phoenix messaging platform @Barcelona
Job description: You will be responsible to develop the messaging platform, API as well as Admin Backend
Salary range: based on experience and knowledge
Position on remote work: This is a freelance job and remote job, but being able to meet in person from time to time is a plus.
Qualifications or experience required: Elixir, Phoenix, HTTP+WebSockets - HTTP/2

About the interview process

  1. Send CV to
  2. Skype conversation with myself and R&D manager (1hr)
  3. Technical screen cast with live coding (1hr)

Further info
Fluent Spanish is a plus.
You will work remotely and provide with weekly progress and 2-week project reviews, in contact with our development team and our Elixir mentor Xavier Noria (@fxn)
You will be required for NDA and IP transfer agreements.


Is the remote option only for people in Spain or Europe?