PhoenixBetterTable - table component for lists

PhoenixBetterTable is a Phoenix Live Component that presents a sortable HTML table component given table metadata and rows.

It is designed to fill the space between <table> and fully featured data tables backed by Ecto, such as those in flop_phoenix.

For now - only sorting on a single column is supported as an additional feature for these tables. This Github issue tracks plans for other features for the library to be considered more fully functional


0.2.0 supports rendering cells using a custom Phoenix component, to bring up cell display to the same level as rendering via <table> etc

Now up to 0.4.1, table filtering is now possible. This makes it feature complete for most basic uses of these kinds of small internal tables.

Paging is possibly the next item on the list here.

The usage section also contains a short demonstration of the library’s functionality.