UX Improvement for Installation

It would be useful to add a link directly to installation on the homepage (I believe there was one in an older iteration); in order to get to the Installation page, a user landing on the homepage has to click through at least two links (Homepage -> Get Started -> Installation link within paragraph text, Homepage -> Guides -> Installation on sidebar, Homepage -> Docs -> click Guides on sidebar -> Installation), and Installation isn’t so prominent in these cases

For Phoenix newbies who are going to the site looking specifically for env setup (such as some of my students), putting a link to Installation back on the homepage would shorten their time searching the site

I give this feedback with the utmost gratitude for the robustness and amazing clarity of Phoenix docs as they are :stuck_out_tongue:


Once Phoenix 1.4 is out, we will likely include the mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.4.0 instruction on the home page somewhere. I think linking to installation near next to that is a good idea.