PHX: long term project updates

I did not see on the official documentation how we are supposed to keep our PHX project skeleton up to date.

For example, what if other plugs are added or removed for security in the future on the default mix

The only hacky solution I can think of is to, on every PHX update, to recreate the project with the same parameters and run a diff, ignoring our known changes.

Is there any other mechanism/method we are supposed to use to keep up to date with PHX project creation updates?

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Thank you. much appreciated. They nicely automate my manual hack.

uBlockOrigin filters blocks some JS files from, so i’m bookmarking te phoenixdiff one

for the record, found this note on the official hexdoc guides

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Weird, I also have this and I can see the result diff. Maybe try to update filters or something else is blocking the important part? I’m not sure what else could be done here.

It’s Plausible analytics, which is pretty much as privacy-friendly as you can get